U sklopu projekta Nove paradigme u istraživanju održivosti: zelene ekonomije i dobrobit mladih (https://www.idi.hr/projekti/nove-paradigme-u-istrazivanju-odrzivosti-zelene-ekonomije-i-dobrobit-mladih/) pozivamo Vas na predavanje kojeg će održati profesorica Lorraine Whitmarsh (http://psych.cf.ac.uk/contactsandpeople/academics/whitmarsh.php) pod naslovom „Think global, act local? Public engagement with climate change and low-carbon lifestyles“. Predavanje i diskusija će biti na engleskom jeziku.

Predavanje će se održati 18.01.2016. s početkom u 19h u Hotelu Palace (Trg Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 10, Zagreb).

Voljeli bismo da nam se pridružite. Molimo Vas da do 14.01.2016. (četvrtak) potvrdite svoj dolazak na e-mail kgrbavac@idi.hr.

O predavanju i predavačici:

Think global, act local? Public engagement with climate change and low-carbon lifestyles

Despite scientific consensus about the reality and severity of climate change, the public appears to show relatively little concern about the issue and to be taking few actions to tackle it. In this talk, we will discuss what influences public perceptions and how they may be shaped by communication. Recent survey and interview data, and findings from psychological experiments will be used to expose the strong ideological and social influences on public attitudes to climate change. Research will also be presented on low-carbon lifestyles, along with insights into fostering behaviour change, including new research to achieve behavioural ‘spillover’ (i.e., when changing one behaviour leads to further behavioural changes). Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh is an environmental psychologist, specialising in perceptions and behaviour in relation to climate change, energy and transport, based in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University. She is also partner coordinator for the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research; and sits on the Climate Change Commission for Wales, advising Welsh Government on transport and behaviour change.