The Institute for Social Research is announcing an open position (for a period of six months) within the Think Tank Young Professional Development Program for MA and PhD graduates who graduated with a PhD, LLM or MA degree in the social sciences and humanities from high-quality universities in the OECD countries in the past three years. Applicants are eligible if residing in one of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Tajikistan or Ukraine. Position is open for one of the following areas:

1. Junior researcher in youth political participation

Description of the work task:

Political participation has recreantly came in the focus of interest of political scientists due to crisis democracy is facing. More and more scholars are appealing on citizens’ involvement as a way of solving democratic deficit national states and the EU are facing. Institute for Social Research in Zagreb has a long and productive tradition of dealing with political analysis at both macro and micro level, including youth participation.

Junior researcher in youth political participation will help to analyze political participation in Croatia. Focusing both on formal and non-formal modes of political participation, a candidate will help in developing methodology for the study of political participation in Croatia. Furthermore, a candidate will conduct a series of interviews and/or focus groups in order to study political participation of young citizens in details. Therefore, it is expected from a candidate to produce a paper on political participation from the data gathered by qualitative methodological techniques.

2. Junior researcher in youth inclusion policy

Description of the work task:

The Institute for Social Research in Zagreb has a long tradition of youth research (since 1964) and today is one of the leading institutions in that area in Croatia. Scholars working at the Institute successfully combine theory and practice in the area of youth policy and produce a remarkable number of publications per year in this field.

Junior researcher in youth policy will work on projects dealing with young people in Croatia, more concretely, in cooperation with the research team will study the impact and scope of youth social inclusion in the Western Balkans. Especial attention will be paid to disadvantaged groups of young people – young people with low qualifications, residents of underdeveloped rural areas, members of minorities (e.g. young Roma), young people with disabilities and the unemployed youth. One of the results of this survey will be recommendations targeting different stakeholders in youth social inclusion.

Responsibilities include following: research on the topic, help in defining of the methodological framework for the study of social inclusion, help in organization of a conference/round table and writing reports on his/her experience of communication with state officials in the area of young people.

3. Junior researcher in civil society issues.

Description of the work task:

Civil society has played a significant role in the process of Croatian accession to the European Union, however, serious research on that topic are rare. At the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb there is a strong tradition of cooperation between civil society practitioners and social scholars in order to produce comprehensive and useful policy recommendation on state’s position towards civil sector.

Junior researcher in civil society will be a person in charge for communication with civil society organizations and suggesting ways of communication between academia and civil society.

A candidate’s responsibilities will include writing policy newsletters on civil society, organization of conference with one panel thematizing civil society, as well as help in developing methodology for assessing the impact of civil society on the policymaking process in Croatia.

Necessary requirements for this position are:

– Master’s degree in political science or public policy;
– Proven interest in areas of youth, political participation and/or civil society;
– Understanding both qualitative and quantitative methodology;
– Developed communication and interpersonal skills;
– Proficiency in Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Montenegrin and English;
– Experience in research and/or civil society projects is desirable.

The candidate will be directly mentored by Prof. dr. sc. Vlasta Ilišin and will closely cooperate with Dr. sc. Dunja Potočnik.

The candidates are kindly asked to send their Curriculum Vitae (in Europass form), with the list of publications and motivation letter, by September 12th 2013, to Dr. Dunja Potočnik

Selection of the shortlisted candidates is due by September 20th 2013.

The shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview either in person or via teleconferencing. The interviews are expected to be held on September 24th and 25th and the final decision will be made on September 26th.

The complete call and list of relevant documents are available at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them to Dr. Dunja Potočnik

Selected candidate