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Days of Educational Sciences
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The final programme of the conference.

Plenary sessions

Thursday, 16 October at 9.30 a.m.

Darleen V. Opfer, RAND Education

Conditions, Beliefs, and Practices Associated with Professional Development and Its Impact on Instruction in TALIS 2013

Improving the quality of teaching is a key concern for many countries and teacher professional development is often seen as a mechanism for doing so. Using the TALIS 2013 data and structural equation modelling, the presentation will present preliminary findings that explore the school conditions and the individual beliefs and practices of teachers that are associated with teacher participation in professional development and the reported impacts on their instruction. The presentation will focus on the general patterns observed across OECD countries but will also look at some differences between countries. Implications for policy and practice will also be discussed.

Short CV

Darleen is director of RAND Education and she also holds the Distinguished Chair in Education Policy. She has conducted policy research studies for a number of local, state and national governments on the recruitment, retention, and professional learning of educators. This work includes a national survey study of the recruitment and retention of school leaders in Scotland. Her work on the professional learning includes national survey studies of teacher professional development conducted for the Training and Development Agency in England and the Turkish Education Foundation. She has served as an advisory board member with the National Council of Educational Research and Training in India and as a consultant for the U.S. Agency for International Development working on the Increased Access to Quality Education and Training Initiative at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Friday, 17 October at 9.00 a.m.

Jasminka Ledić, University of Rijeka

How does research influence changes in higher education: national picture from a biographical perspective

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the means of enhancing the influence of research on changes in higher education in a national context. The outline of research and activities in higher education, with a special reflection on their influence on national policies in higher education would provide a basis for the discussion. The lecture will present research and activities related to teaching in higher education, the challenges of university and wider context (university's third mission: European integration processes) and changes in academic profession. The presentation of research and activities and the analysis of their influences lead to the conclusion that nation-wide educational change is not evidence-based, but rather influenced by other factors.

Short CV

Jasminka Ledić is a full-time professor in tenure, working at the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Rijeka. Higher education is in the focus of her scientific, professional and public interest and activity. She has published a number of scientific and professional papers on higher education, among which, as the only author or as a co-author, 12 books. She has conducted and collaborated on several national and international research projects. She was a Fulbright Sholarship Fellow (1994), and was awarded with the Yearly National Award Ivan Filipović for her contribution to the development of higher education (2003). As a member of the board of directors of the association "Zlatni rez", she received the Yearly Award of the City of Rijeka (2007) for contribution to the popularisation of science. She is a director of the Association for the Development of Higer Education Universitas.

Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts.

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