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Activities of the Centre

The Centre for Youth and Gender Studies has inherited the scientific research tradition of studying youth and women which has been carried out at the Institute since its establishment. Therefore, the activity of the Centre aims both at the continuation of the previous scientific research in the initial fields, and at the development of the new integrative scientific research approach.
The Centre carries out research in the scientific fields of sociology, political science and philosophy, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach and the longitudinal monitoring of social phenomena and processes. The scientific research activity is focused on the topics of social, age and gender inequalities, construction of identity, sociocultural values, culture and leisure time, political culture and participation, age and gender based distribution of social power, social inclusion and social capital, educational and professional aspirations, as well as unemployment and employment.
The Centre staff have started the pioneering work on the conceptualization and institutionalization of the professional youth work in Croatia. The researchers of the Centre are continuously engaged in designing, monitoring and evaluation of the corresponding public policies.

Youth Wiki

The Centre for Youth and Gender Studies is a national reference point for collecting and systematising youth policy data by the decision of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth and the European Commission within the Youth Wiki platform.