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The right to use the library materials and services is acquired by registration. Future members shall be registered in person, on the basis of documents attesting to their identity and status.

Scientific and academic staff could be registered on the basis of ID card and proof of employment for compensation of potential costs of using.

Graduate and postgraduate students in the social sciences and humanities could be registered with the ID card or index.

Borrowing and work in the reading room

Members of the library may borrow up to three monographs, for a period of a month. Exceptionally, if it is a frequently requested library holdings, the period may be shorter. Upon expiry of the date books must be returned or the deadline must be extended, what can be done in person, by telephone or via e-mail. A member who fails to return books on time must pay the late fees that are charged per unit of library materials for each day of delay.

Part of the material is intended only for use in the reading room and can not be borrowed. These are: magazines (periodicals), master thesis and doctoral dissertation, some copies of monographs, reference library (encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.).

Information services

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