Other research and professional projects

Principal investigator: Teo Matković, Ph.D.Project start: 07.10.2021.

Availability of upper secondary education programmes in Croatia 2013-2021.: Demographics, enrolment, capacities, demand, interest, interventions and projections

The project was implemented for the Ministry of Science and Education as one of the early activities of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026 (NPOO), with a purpose of providing evidence-based foundation for future structural reform of secondary education. The project resulted in the document “Comprehensive analysis of secondary education needs with the purpose of increasing attendance in grammar school programmes and reducing the number of surplus programmes in vocational education and training“. The Study is based on data on the capacities and enrolment of all programmes in all secondary schools in the period 2013-2021, on the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ) recommendations at the level of vocation and counties in the same period, as well as other administrative and statistical sources (demographic and educational), and previous research findings.

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Principal investigator: Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, Ph.D.Project start: 01.03.2019.

Comparison of determinants of tourism development in Povlja, a settlement on the island of Brač, in 2009 and 2019

The project includes a comparative (longitudinal) case study of the settlement of Povlja on the island of Brač. The aim of the research is to define the current situation in Povlja and the possible perspectives for tourism, having in mind the landscape of the settlement and its economic, primarily agricultural, circumstances. The 2009 research of Povlja revealed that its landscape (ecological dimension) was preserved for the most part. Additionally, the determinants of tourism and agriculture development were outlined, which were directed towards sustainable development, eco-sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism. Employing the method of semi-structured interviews with permanent and temporary (seasonal) residents, the way respondents view the contemporary situation in tourism, with its positive and negative sides, main capacities and drivers of development is examined. Furthermore, the likelihood of three possible scenarios for tourism development is ascertained: mass tourism, rural tourism (with elements of eco-tourism) and stagnation, and which one among them is most probable for Povlja.

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Principal investigator: Prof. Vlasta Ilišin, Ph.D.Project start: 01.01.2014.

Croatian students in European context: The emerging social elite

The main purpose of the project Croatian students in the European context: The emerging social elite is to determine, describe and interpret the social profile of students at the beginning of implementation of the Bologna declaration into Croatian higher education, the level and characteristics of their readiness for integration into modern European processes, and resources they have as a future social elite. This research aims to investigate and understand dominant attitudes and values, motivation for acquiring knowledge, life and professional aspirations and lifestyles of students in new social circumstances, marked by the process of Croatian accession to the EU, which includes the transformation of higher education.

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Principal leader: Marko Kovačić, Ph.D.Project start: 01.01.2022.

Development of a self-assessment tool to measure adolescent and youth participation in public life within a country

This project aims to develop a self-assessment tool/scale to profile and youth participation in public life within Croatia. This tool aims to help governments and other stakeholders understand the current level of youth participation in a country, identify strengths and obstacles, and help to design policy solutions to address them. The project will define a conceptual framework, propose a methodology for developing, testing/refining, and rolling out the tool. The methodology includes how young people will participate in its design, development and implementation, including creative ways to engage young people beyond the typical roles (for example, not just as data providers, but also data collectors for indicators, etc.) at all levels. A secondary aim of this tool is to encourage the government to work more closely with young people to understand the state of youth participation in a country.

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Project leader: Prof. Marija Maja Jokić, Ph.D.Project start: 01.01.2014.

Development of Social Sciences and Humanities in Croatia in time span 1991 - 2012

Social sciences and humanities (SSH) in Croatia represent approximately one third of whole Croatian scientific and research potentials, as measured by the number of scientists and research institutions. Our knowledge about the scholarly communication, research performance and the role of social sciences and humanities in society, not only in Croatia, but also on international level, is inadequate in comparison to natural science, biomedicine, technology (STM). In order to investigate some of the aspects of the social sciences and humanities in Croatia, we propose a project which will continue a broad longitudinal scientometric study of this area of scientific endeavour. New indicators in this project will incorporate impact of research performance measured by citation analysis through diverse citation databases (WoS, Scopus, and Google Scholar).

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