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Comparison of determinants of tourism development in Povlja, a settlement on the island of Brač, in 2009 and 2019

About project

Project basics

  • Coordinator: Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Urban/Rural and Science Research Centre
  • Financed by: Ministry of Science and Education
  • Duration: March 2019 – June 2020

Project description

The project includes a comparative (longitudinal) case study of the settlement of Povlja on the island of Brač. The aim of the research is to define the current situation in Povlja and the possible perspectives for tourism, having in mind the landscape of the settlement and its economic, primarily agricultural, circumstances. The 2009 research of Povlja revealed that its landscape (ecological dimension) was preserved for the most part. Additionally, the determinants of tourism and agriculture development were outlined, which were directed towards sustainable development, eco-sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism. Employing the method of semi-structured interviews with permanent and temporary (seasonal) residents, the way respondents view the contemporary situation in tourism, with its positive and negative sides, main capacities and drivers of development is examined. Furthermore, the likelihood of three possible scenarios for tourism development is ascertained: mass tourism, rural tourism (with elements of eco-tourism) and stagnation, and which one among them is most probable for Povlja.