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About the Institute

Mission, Vision, Activity


ISRZ carries out socially significant, fundamental and applied quantitative and qualitative scientific research of different aspects of the Croatian society, in a systematical, longitudinal and interdisciplinary manner. Our research topics include social stratification, space, youth, education, science, culture and religion. This key role of the ISRZ implies the publication of research results in books and journals, and their presentation at scientific conferences. We foster intensive international collaboration and networking, knowledge dissemination, and especially the transfer of knowledge to younger generations, i.e. to junior researchers, while contributing to the development of the Croatian society by providing scientific bases for public policies.


The Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, as a non-profit scientific research institution, strives towards high quality scientific research, international recognition and acknowledgement of its scientific research and results, with a view of becoming a centre of scientific excellence within its research domains.

Basic activity

Scientific research in the field of sociology and related disciplines.

Fields of research

Social structure and stratification, youth, space, education, science and technology, culture, religion, gender.