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  Modernity Stress, Youth and Migration (09.01/408)  

Pilot study finished in the X. Gymnasium in Zagreb

The pilot study field research was carried out from March to April 2014. The qualitative phase of the study included in-depth interviews with a school-master, a psychologist and 4 students. Focus groups were organised with 20 students. Discussions in interviews were about everyday life of young people, including education, employment, family, future plans, leisure time, migratory destinations and social participation and support. Focus groups involved free listing exercises for collecting items used by students to describe cultural domains of good life. Analyses of data collected in the qualitative phase were used to create a cultural consensus questionnaire, which was carried out in the sample of 111 students in order to determine a shared model of good life in the sampled school. A total of 166 students participated in the quantitative phase of the study, which included a questionnaire, anthropometric and biometric measuring and collecting of saliva samples. The questionnaire contained questions about demographic and migration characteristics, individual orientations and behaviour in everyday cultural domains, health, intimate relationships, stress related to school, future, parents, peers, leisure time, the opposite sex and self, as well as the coping strategies related to these problem domains. Out of 166 students, 102 fully complied to the salvia collection protocols and their samples were admitted for laboratory analyses of cortisolwake-up, cortisol30-45 min after wakeup, cortisolbedtime and salivary alpha amylase. All participants received test results with individual values of anthropometric, biometric and salivary measurements, together with explanations of cortisol daily rhythm and ECG reading.