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  Modernity Stress, Youth and Migration (09.01/408)  

Field work phase II finished

Field work phase II (from January to April 2015) encompassed carrying out of self-administered questionnaires, biometric measurements and collecting of saliva samples. A total of 1828 upper secondary school seniors from 26 gymnasiums and vocational schools from Split, Rijeka, Osijek and Zagreb participated in the study.

The self-administered questionnaire included questions about socio-economic and demographic status, health, cultural orientations and behavior in relation to cultural models in everyday life domains as well as culturally modified and translated stress and coping measuring instrument. Biometric measurements involved anthropometric (height, weight, waist and hip circumference) and cardiovascular measurements (blood pressure and ECG). Saliva samples were collected according to the protocol for non-stimulated and passive drool. On day 1, students participated in biometric measurements, filled questionnaires and received saliva collecting packs with instructions in labelled zipper-lock bags.
Students were explained in person the importance of complying to the saliva collecting protocol for the success of salivary analyses. On day 2, students were asked to collect their saliva samples, following the sleep-wake up cycle: immediately upon awakening, 30 to 45 minutes after awakening and at bedtime. On day 3, students brought saliva samples to their schools. A total of 1148 seniors collected and returned saliva samples. Collected samples were transported on ice to the Department for Medical-Laboratory Diagnostics of the Clinical Hospital Centre Split, where the analyses of collected samples have commenced.