Iris Marušić, Ph. D. and Jelena Matić are the authors of the article entitled “The role of personality, self-concept and defensive motivation in predicting maths anxiety“ which was published in the collection of peer-reviewed papers entitled “Stress and anxiety: coping and resilience“, published by the prominent international publishing house Logos Berlin.

The goal of this research was to explore the relationships between personality, self-concept, learning strategies and mathematics anxiety in elementary school students. The sample consisted of 511 8th grade students from 36 Croatian elementary schools. Personality, self-concept and motivational strategies were all related to maths anxiety, however, a different pattern emerged with respect to gender. Maths self-concept is significantly negatively related to maths anxiety for both genders, while for boys, maths anxiety is related to low agreeableness and the use of external attribution of failure, and in girls it is predicted by higher neuroticism and defensive pessimism. Results indicate that maladaptive patterns of academic beliefs, motivations and behaviour related to mathematics in Croatian students are to some extent gender-specific, thus calling for specific intervention strategies tailored for boys and girls.

The article is available in the ISRZ Repository: