Rašeljka Krnić, Ph.D., Mirjana Adamović, Ph.D. and Ivana Radačić, Ph.D. are the authors of the paper Attitudes of experts on the policy of prostitution regulation in Croatia. The paper was published in the journal Politička misao [Croatian Political Science Review], 58 (3).

The authors interviewed 15 experts from different fields (ministries, government offices, independent state bodies, parliamentary committees and civil society organizations) in whose scope of regulation is the phenomenon of prostitution or related problems. Interviewees most often place prostitution either in the discourse of violence and exploitation or sexual labor. It is noticeable that civil society professionals who devise harm reduction programs and work with people who sell sexual services are more likely to opt for liberal models of regulating prostitution. All experts emphasize the importance of adopting policies that would make it easier to get out of prostitution.

The paper is available here.

Published: October 20, 2021