A paper by Lana Peternel, Ph. D., Ana Malnar, Ph. D. and Irena Martinović Klarić, Ph. D. entitled “Content and Distribution of Cultural Knowledge about Leisure Time, Social Participation, and Material Goods Significance for Holistic Anthropological Research of Psychosocial Stress in Croatian Youth“ was published in the journal Anthropos, 112 (1).

In the paper the construct of good life is explored among Croatian upper secondary school seniors by applying the analysis of cultural consensus model in two sub-domains: leisure time and social participation, and material goods. The cultural consensus model analysis discloses non-consistent beliefs about leisure time and social participation and high level of cultural knowledge sharing in the material goods sub-domain. Multiple themes in the investigated sub-domains and plural voices among Croatian students point to heterogeneity of perceived needs in what is imagined as good life.

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