Research Centres


Activities of the Centre

The Urban/Rural and Science Research Centre – URSRC – conducts scientific research in the areas of Sociology of Knowledge and Science, and Sociology of Space (Urban and Rural Sociology) in the context of state, region, city, village, settlement, etc. The ISRZ teams in the domains of science and space research have had a long tradition of analysing social changes related to the two key developmental areas.
In the context of spatial research, social changes and aspects are explored, and the causes and effects visible not only in the urban and rural space, but also in the entire society. In the context of science research, the focus is on the examination of the aspects and impact of scientific activity, scientific infrastructure and scientists.

The relevant research topics are:

  • post-socialist transformation of larger cities, primarily Zagreb, and the processes of gentrification and commercialization of urban spaces;
  • quality of living and housing, and equipment of housing estates and locations in Croatian and neighbouring cities (primarily Croatian and Slovenian);
  • life in the rural context, mostly in the coastal and island areas in the context of sustainable development;
  • urban sustainability and resilience of cities and the entire space in the regional and Europeanization context;
  • Europeanization context of urbanization, urban renewal and revitalization, and post-earthquake renewal;
  • sociodemographic profile of the scientific community (polytechnic and university centres) in Croatia and other countries in the region
  • impact of scientific centres on economic development and innovations at the local, national and regional level
  • development and structure of social sciences
  • application and transfer of knowledge of both research areas at the local, regional and national level.