Research Centres



The Centre for Research in Social Inequalities and Sustainability (CRiSIS) carries out interdisciplinary research of different aspects of sociostructural and sociocultural determinants of social inequalities and sustainability. The vision of the Centre is to contribute to social development and sustainability on the grounds of scientific research. The aim of the Centre is to aquire and disseminate the knowledge on social inequalities and environmental problems. The theoretical foundation of the CRiSIS is rooted in the global-environmental and international context of justice, whereby the empirical approach is focused on the developing countries of the European semi-periphery. The focus is on the scientific and professional research of the manifestations and consequences of social inequalities and sustainabilty in the context of material development, economic growth and global climate change.

Research topics of the Centre are:

  • social and cultural (in)justice and discrimination
  • socio-economic aspects of sustainability
  • social aspects of climate change
  • the knowledge society and climate change (public understanding of science and the consequences of scientific and technological progress)
  • economic growth and individual/social well-being
  • religion, environment and social inequalities
  • religion and health
  • bio-cultural dimensions of health and well-being
  • education for sustainability.

Activities of the Centre:

  • social and economic research (qualitative and quantitative methodology, theoretical exploration, evidence-based consulting)
  • policy recommendations
  • public presentations of research and evidence-based policies, organization of conferences, discussions, lectures
  • cooperation with civil society organizations and public bodies, international cooperation
  • education through cooperation with higher education institutions (development of the new interdisciplinary curricula).