Ivana Jugović, Ph.D., Saša Puzić, Ph.D. and Mirta Mornar are the authors of the chapter “Developing the social, emotional and intercultural learning programme for students“ published in the book “Social, emotional and intercultural competencies for inclusive school environments across Europe: relationships matter“.

The chapter aims to describe the development of a new school-based intervention programme for social, emotional and intercultural (SEI) learning for elementary school students. The programme was developed as part of the HAND in HAND project, which integrates two complementary approaches: one for social and emotional learning, and the other for intercultural learning. Following the recommendations of Brackett, Elbertson and Rivers (2015), the programme design is informed by a comprehensive theoretical background.

The programme implementation is founded on respect for students’ boundaries and autonomy, while encouraging students to reflect, further supporting their SEI competencies. Providing students with SEI learning fosters their well-being as well as the respectful interpersonal and intergroup communication necessary for building an inclusive society.

The chapter is available at the link: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/879/.

Published: March 19, 2020