An article by professor Vlasta Ilišin, Ph. D., Anja Gvozdanović, Ph. D. and Dunja Potočnik, Ph. D. entitled “Contradictory tendencies in the political culture of Croatian youth: unexpected anomalies or an expected answer to the social crisis?“ was published in the Journal of youth studies. In this paper the authors look at political values, institutional trust and participation as relevant components of the civic political culture. The analysis is based on quantitative data collected in the empirical studies of Croatian youth, carried out between 1999 and 2013. Based on longitudinal study results, a downward trend is identified regarding selected political culture indicators: acceptance of liberal-democratic values, trust in social and political institutions, interest in politics and party preference. However, there is a simultaneous increase in participation in various types of organizations, especially political parties. The interpretation of established tendencies is placed in a broader context of an inherited democratic deficit, economic recession and social crisis. Current trends are both indicators and consequences of young people’s inadequate political socialization as well as weaknesses of political institutions and various actors during the transition and consolidation period.

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