An article by Nikola Petrović, Ph. D. entitled “The Promethean role of Europe: changing narratives of the political and scholarly left“ was published in the journal „National identities“ whose publisher is the prominent international publishing house Taylor and Francis.

The gradual abandoning of the ‘socialism in one country’ doctrine during the post-war period and the intensive transformation of European social democracy in the 1990s pushed social democratic politicians and intellectuals into the front line of advocates of a unified and powerful Europe. They contributed to the inclusion of social democratic and environmentalist values in the EU’s official narrative. The success of European integration and George W. Bush’s presidency created the narrative of the Promethean role of Europe. Scholars with a social democratic or environmentalist background created this narrative and it was also shaped by authors’ national contexts. In this article it has also been analysed how recent changes such as the surge of the radical left in some of the EU member states and the election of Donald Trump could affect this narrative that claims that the EU is a role model for the rest of the world.

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