Other research and professional projects

Principal investigator: Teo Matković, Ph.D.Project start: 01.02.2021.

Assessment of institutional and structural determinants of application for and success at State Matura exams

The project aims to identify whether there are systematic and persistent differences in students’ applications for and results at State Matura exams, that can be attributed to characteristics of high school, programme or place of residence, after controlling for differences in attendees’ school success achieved during compulsory elementary education. We hypothesize that there is significant variability in applications for and results at State Matura exams with regard to students’ regional affiliation, type of school, and educational programme, which cannot be explained by the structure of the student corpus (i.e. previous school success, sex structure and age). Nevertheless, the patterns can be different in particular counties, due to the structure of secondary education, economic development and the level of investment in education.

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Co-principal Investigator, ISRZ: Iva Odak, PhDCo-principal Investigator, London School of Economics and Political Science: Harry Walker, PhDProject start: 01.02.2022.

Attitudes on Inequality and Injustice in Croatia

Inequality is one of the great challenges that 21st century democracies are facing. In Europe, the growing inequality is related to the decrease in the public support to democracy and, often, with the growing affinity towards the nationalist-populist leaders. The concern over inequalities grew after the financial crisis of 2008 and after the global COVID-19 pandemic that exposed some of the deep divisions within and among European peoples.

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Project Leader for ISRZ: Marita Grubišić-Čabo, MAProject start: 01.01.2020.

City for Youth – A model of certifying Croatian cities based on local policies

Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia initiated a programme of certifying Croatian cities in the domain of implementing local youth policies. An analysis of existing models of certifying cities across Europe was carried out by the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, at the request of the Association. The analysis included eight models from various countries, and served as a basis for creating the Croatian model. The Association of Cities established a working group for drafting the Croatian model, which gathers representatives of relevant organizations and institutions in the field.

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Project leader for Croatia from ISRZ: Branko Ančić, Ph.D.Project start: 01.01.2005.

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

ISSP is an on-going programme of cross-national research that covers a range of topics important within the social sciences. Its members are survey organizations from around the world, many of whom are affiliated with academic institutions, each representing one nation. Since 2005 Croatia has been represented by Institute for Social Research in Zagreb.

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Co-principal investigators/coordinators: Nikola Baketa, Ph.D., Jelena Matić Bojić, Ph.D., Marko Kovačić, Ph.D., Kosta Bovan, Ph.D.Project start: 01.01.2010.

Research on political literacy of high school graduate students

Research on political literacy of high school graduate students is a continuous project of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, in which youth political competency is examined periodically. With a focus on exploring political knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviour of youth, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has been engaged since 2010 in monitoring changes and analysing trends in political literacy of high school graduate students, and, thus in evaluating the ways in which civic education is delivered in the Croatian education system.

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