A new paper by prof. Maja Jokić, Ph.D. “Productivity, visibility, authorship, and collaboration in library and information science journals: Central and Eastern European authors“ was published in the journal Scientometrics.

The aim of the research was to investigate the paradigm of scientific communication in the scientific field of library and information science (LIS) in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. Analyses of productivity, citations, trends in authorship over time, and collaboration were made for the LIS field full sample and five LIS subfields: communication, computer science, information science, library science, and scientometrics. Additionally, we aimed to investigate scientific communication pattern between domestic (CEE) journals, international (non-CEE) journals and the journal Scientometrics. Our results show interesting data spanning 21 years including the transition period of the CEE countries.

The paper is available at the link: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/858/.