A paper by Iris Marušić, Ph. D., Ivana Jugović, Ph. D. and Darko Lončarić, Ph. D. entitled “Approaches to learning of first-year and fifth-year student teachers: are there any differences?“ was published in the European Journal of Teacher Education.

The aim of this research is to assess the differences between first-year and fifth-year student teachers on a number of personality and motivational variables that are indicative of their approaches to learning, using a cross-sectional design. The results showed that final-year student teachers displayed more conscientiousness and self-efficacy, and less avoidant goal orientations, extrinsic motivation and surface learning compared to first-year student teachers, indicating final-year students’ more adaptive and proactive approach to learning.

The paper is available at the following link: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/yKprGKtt2tIsHeS3ytj6/full.