An original scientific paper titled “Application of ICT in the process of learning, teaching and evaluation in upper secondary vocational schools: qualitative analysis” was published in the journal Methodical Review: journal of philosophy of education, 28 (1). The authors of the paper are Silvia Rogošić, PhD, Prof. Branislava Baranović, PhD and Josip Šabić, PhD.

The study was based on an empirical research on the application of information and communication technology (ICT) in vocational schools in Zagreb and Zagreb County (Croatia, EU). The analysis focused on the objectives and manners in which the teachers and students usually use ICT, the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the use of ICT for educational purposes, and their suggestions for advancing the application of ICT in schools. The findings indicate that even though the teachers use ICT almost on daily basis, the teaching process is still largely dominated by traditional teaching methods. According to the findings, lack of computer equipment in schools, inadequate teacher training, inadequate curricula for vocational education, and inadequate study programmes where teachers are educated for the application of ICT in the teaching process are considered as obstacles for implementing ICT in education. In addition, teachers emphasised the lack of time and low income, which often leads to their lack of motivation for the use of ICT in education.

The article is available here.

Published: July 21, 2021