The Centre for Youth and Gender Studies of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb invites you to the promotion of the book


edited by Vlasta Ilišin.

The book consists of 12 chapters that stem from the empirical research conducted within the framework of the project „Croatian students in European context: The emerging social elite“ financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, and therefore represents a complete study of the first five Bologna generations of students from all Croatian universities.
The interdisciplinary team of authors – Dejana Bouillet, Anja Gvozdanović, Vlasta Ilišin, Marko Kovačić, Dunja Potočnik, Furio Radin i Helena Štimac Radin – analysed in their texts various aspects of student life and thus enabled a scientific insight into the social profile of students in contemporary Croatia.

The book will be presented by:
dr. sc. Dinka Marinović Jerolimov, editor of the Edition Science and Society
dr. sc. Benjamin Perasović, Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, reviewer
prof. dr. sc. Vedrana Spajić Vrkaš, Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, reviewer
prof. dr. sc. Berto Šalaj, Fakultet političkih znanosti, reviewer
prof. dr. sc. Vlasta Ilišin, book editor

The promotion will be held in The House of Europe (Augusta Cesarca 6) on Wednesday, 15th April 2015 at 11.00.

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We look forward to your attendance!