On 14th December, 2016 an Agreement between the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb and the University of Rijeka and was signed by the Director of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb prof. Branislava Baranović, Ph. D. and the Rector of the University of Rijeka prof. Pero Lučin, Ph. D.

By this Agreement the Institute and the University shall establish collaboration within the area of improvement of educational, research and organizational activities. The Institute and the University shall collaborate on the organization and implementation of study programmes and life long learning programmes, as well as the scientific research, through the following activities:

  • establishing, developing and improving of the life long programmes within the domain of youth studies and other study programmes by which the learning outcomes related to the development of competences for institutional and non-institutional youth work are achieved;
  • increasing the teaching capacities by engaging the scientists from the Institute in the educational process;
  • implementation of the collaborative scientific research projects and programmes and development of the scientific capacities of the University of Rijeka;
  • implementation of other mutual projects and programmes by which the quality of educational and scientific research process is improved and the visibility of the Institute and the University is strengthened.