A chapter by Marko Kovačić and Danijela Dolenec entitled “Youth Participation in Eastern Europe in the Age of Austerity” was published in the book “Young People Re-Generating Politics in Times of Crises“ by the prominent publisher Palgrave Macmillan.

This chapter explores ways in which austerity policies have influenced patterns of youth political participation between the core and periphery of the European Union (EU), focusing on Eastern Europe. The varied impact of austerity across the EU is reflected in the finding that young people in the Eastern periphery tend to refrain from both conventional and unconventional modes of political participation. While aggravating socioeconomic conditions have resulted in the rise of unconventional political participation activities among young people in Southern Europe, the same has not been the case in Eastern Europe. On the contrary, our findings suggest a retreat from politics that cuts across the distinction between conventional and unconventional modes of political participation.

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