On 13th and 14th May 2015, two workshops were organized at the ISRZ as a part of the project Tranzicijska preobrazba glavnih gradova, Zagreba i Podgorice, kao sustava naselja (Transitional transformation of the capitals, Zagreb and Podgorica, as a system of settlements) that is implemented in collaboration between the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Nikšić and the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. The project is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Ministry of Education and Science of Montenegro based on the program for bilateral cooperation between scientific institutions from Croatia and Montenegro (2015-2016).
The research seeks to collect data on social changes in the two capitals that have taken place in urban and rural areas in the last two decades, and are most visible in the way of living and quality of life of people in them.
The workshops were held during two days at the ISRZ and included scientific discussions on research topics in which participated renowned scientists from the area of urban/rural sociology and related disciplines – social geography, urban economics, architecture and others.
Both days also included planned site visit to the city of Zagreb and neighboring cities with surrounding areas within the network of Zagreb settlements, by which the guests were able to examine the situation of the Zagreb area firsthand.
Project coordinator for ISRZ is Anđelina Svirčić Gotovac, Ph. D. in collaboration with Jelena Zlatar, Ph. D. and Branimir Krištofić, MA.