On 1st June, 2015 the conference „Youth work under magnifying glass“ organized by the Croatian Youth Network and the Volunteer Center Osijek was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.
The aim of the conference was to discuss the issue of youth work in Croatia and to reflect on the development of strategic, institutional, infrastructural and financial elements necessary for its implementation and professionalization. Recent research on youth in Croatia was presented at the conference, which was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Center for Youth and Gender Studies of the ISRZ, and which will be used as a groundwork for the development of youth policies.
At the conference was also present professor Ross VeLure Roholt, a prominent expert from the University of Minnesota, who shared the experience and the good practice examples of youth work in the United States.
Dr. Anja Gvozdanović from the Center for Youth and Gender Studies of the ISRZ, along with the participants of the Studies on youth for youth presented recent results of research into the needs and attitudes of young people in Croatia.
In the panel discussion that followed participated Višnja Pavlović from the Forum for Freedom in Education, Morana Makovec from the Department for Youth of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, Mr. Sc. Marko Kovačić from the Center for Youth and Gender Studies of the ISRZ who is also a member of the expert working group for defining and analyzing the youth work at the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and Karlo Kralj, the president of the Croatian Youth Network.
The discussion was focused on the needs for professionalization of youth work in Croatia and the establishment of youth work common standards, by which the quality of youth work in Croatia will be ensured. The professionalization of youth work is a process which necessarily brings along certain challenges, primarily due to the complexity of youth work and the need for an interdisciplinary approach, but also because of the divisions within the broader social context, which we also witness. Having in mind the above mentioned conditions, youth work policies in Croatia will use the examples of good practices that have been successfully implemented in other European countries, such as, for instance, Northern Ireland and Malta.

More information on the conference can be followed on the website http://studijiomladima.strikingly.com/#naslovna

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