The round table entitled “The social dimension of higher education in Croatia – challenges and perspectives” was held on 2nd December, 2015 at the Croatian Journalists’ Association, Perkovčeva 2, Zagreb.

The round table was organized by the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb in collaboration with the Office for Gender Equality and the Section for Sociology of Education of the Croatian Sociological Association. On that occasion, the results of empirical research “Social identities, higher education access and course choice” were presented. The research was financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The aim of the round table was to present the research findings and, based on them, to discuss relevant issues of the social dimension of higher education in Croatia in order to contribute to the achievement of equality of educational opportunities in higher education, and thus to increase the share of highly educated population in Croatia. Experts and representatives of relevant institutions in higher education were invited to participate in the debate.

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