Open Day of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb was held on 12th December, 2016.

Mirjana Adamović, Ph. D., a Research Associate at the Institute and the editor-in-chief of the ISRZ Edition „Science and Society“ and the „Special Editions“, gave a short opening speech after which she presented the 2016 publications of the Institute.

The programme of the Open Day continued with a structured dialogue with the youth in which was discussed the position of youth within the contemporary Croatian society and the recommendations for the improvement of their status and overall well-being. In the dialogue participated: Marko Kovačić, M.A. (ISRZ – Centre for Youth and gender Studies), Morana Makovec (Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy), Tamara Puhovski (ProPuh Policy Solutions), Katarina Brajdić (Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes) and Kristijan Orešković (student of political science at the University of Zagreb).

The programme continued with two presentations of the most recent ISRZ research findings. The first one was about attitudes and prejudices towards immigrants among Zagreb and Zagreb County high school students. The presentation was based on the research findings collected and interpreted during 2016 by Saša Puzić, Ph. D., Jelena Matić, M.A. and prof. Branislava Baranović, Ph. D. (ISRZ – Centre for Educational Research and Development) and Ajana Löw, Ph. D. (Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb).

The second presentation was by the ISRZ researchers Nikola Baketa, Anja Gvozdanović, Ph. D. and Iva Košutić, Ph. D. and it also addressed youth, i. e. it problematised the political attitudes of the Croatian senior highschool students in correlation with the type of educational programmes they attend. The presentation was based on the findings of the comprehensive nationally representative survey which was conducted in 2015.

The final presentation was by Ana Maskalan, Ph. D. (ISRZ – Centre for Youth and Gender Studies) who presented to the audience the philosophical idea of Utopia, its historical development, contemporary status and future perspectives.

The programme of the Open Day ISRZ 2016 was closed with the projection of the film „Green economies“ which was filmed as a part of the recently finished ISRZ project „New Paradigms in Sustainability Research: Green Economy and the Well-being of Youth“ which was co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project team were: Branko Ančić, Ph. D. (project leader), Lana Peternel, Ph. D., Nikola Petrović, Ph. D., Jelena Puđak, Ph. D. (Institute „Ivo Pilar“) and Katarina Grbavac, M. A.

Open Day ISRZ 2016 was financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Presentations and Summaries (in Croatian):

Strukturirani dijalog s mladima

Predrasude prema imigrantima kod učenika/ca srednjih škola – s čime su povezane?

Spirala političke kulture – povezanost obrazovanja i političkih stavova hrvatskih maturanata

500 godina Utopije

Green Economy

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