Open Day of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb was held on 11th December, 2015 at Tomislavov trg 21/I.
Prof. Ankica Marinović, Ph. D., a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, gave a short opening speech after which the editor-in-chief of the „Science and Society“ edition, Dr. Mirjana Adamović, Ph. D., briefly presented the Institute publications in 2015. Furthermore, the ISRZ researchers presented their most recent projects. Dr. Branko Ančić, Ph. D. presented the project „New Paradigms in Sustainability Research: Green Economy and the Well-being of Youth“, financed by the European Social Fund. Dr. Nikola Petrović, Ph. D. and Stjepan Mateljan, prof. presented to the audience their project „Research activity, collaboration and orientation in social sciences in Croatia and other post-socialist European countries (RACOSS)“ financed by the Croatian Science Foundation (CSF). Dr. Anja Gvozdanović, Ph. D. presented the findings of the recently finished „Research on political literacy of high school graduate students in Croatia“ which was conducted within the GOOD initiative. Dr. Iva Košutić, Ph. D. presented the findings of the CSF project „Social identities, higher education access and course choice“. The final presentation of the Open Day was the one by Dr. Zrinka Ristić Dedić, Ph. D. who discussed the opportunities for developing scientific thinking among primary school students in Croatia.