During June 2015, Jelena Zlatar, Ph. D. and Željka Tonković, Ph. D. conducted a field study “Dimensions of sustainable development of the island of Brač: example of Bol“. It is a case study of Bol on Brač Island through qualitative research (analysis of documentation and around thirty semi-structured interviews). This is a continuation of the previous research on the island of Brač: Povlje (Zlatar, 2008) and Bol (Tonković and Zlatar, 2013) on the island of Brač and investigating opportunities for their sustainable development through economic, environmental, cultural and social dimensions of sustainability. The study discusses different types of development that exist on the same island, and problems in the harmonization of their development concepts.
The authors of this study will participate in September 2015 at the 4th Symposium “Anatomy of Islands” called “Responsible Tourism on the Islands: Towards a Synergy of Tourism and Year-Round Life on the Islands” with the presentation entitled “From mass tourism to sustainable tourism: a comparison of three types of tourism development on the Island of Brač“, where they will present research results and conclusions that have been reached.

Link to the Symposium: http://www.anatomija-otoka.com/en/2015/symposium/doc119/