A paper by Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, Ph. D. and Željka Tonković, Ph. D. entitled “From mass tourism to sustainable tourism: a comparative case study of the island of Brač“ was published in Social ecology 24 (2-3).

Island communities in Croatia are becoming increasingly tourism-oriented which has complex consequences for the local population and socio-economic structure. The aim of this paper is to explore the different types of tourism development and their impact on local communities. The paper is based on the results of a multiple case study of three local communities on the island of Brač: Povlja, Postira and Bol. The findings demonstrate that in places that are already mass tourism destinations this type of tourism is still considered as a desirable type of development. In contrast, in places where tourism is not the main economic activity or has reached a phase of stagnation and decline, there are efforts being made towards a sustainable development of tourism and the entire community.

The paper is available at the ISRZ Repository: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/530/.