A book “Policy-making at the European periphery: the case of Croatia. New Perspectives on South-East Europe“, which was recently published by the prominent publishing house Palgrave Macmillan, includes a book section by Tihomir Žiljak, Ph.D. and Nikola Baketa, Ph.D. titled „Education policy in Croatia“.

The chapter describes the changes in educational policy in Croatia from 1990 to 2015 with a brief overview of the previous period and an analysis of policy instruments used in the last decade. In the analysed period, Croatian educational policy has undergone important changes although it was not a priority of key political actors. The analysis is focused on instruments used to achieve the educational policy goals. The goals are defined based on national public political documents, which have determined educational priorities in the analysed period and they are analysed within the context of all changes in national policies, changes in politics and the Europeanization of public policies. The chapter begins with the thesis that selecting instruments depends highly on ideas and interests of key actors.

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