The paper entitled Defense of public spaces in the cases of “We are Keeping our Park“ and “Bring Back the Magnolia“ initiatives in Zagreb by Anđelina Svirčić Gotovac, Ph.D. and Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, Ph.D. is published in the “Sociology and Space” journal, 58 (1).

Employing the method of discourse analysis, the authors explore the cases of two recent civil initiatives in the city of Zagreb that emerged from the desire to defend public urban spaces and prevent the implementation of unwanted decisions by the city authorities. The analysis of digital articles from various Internet portals covering these topics revealed that there was, on the one hand, insufficient citizens’ participation in the decision-making process regarding the planned changes and on the other, that there was a strong resistance of tenants and citizens, manifested through civil initiatives including protests and numerous actions. All this led to the stagnation in adjusting to European urbanistic standards (so called urban sustainability). Nevertheless, citizens through their agency promoted these values and attempted to convince urban policy makers to apply them, which sometimes resulted in positive outcomes. In this, a new dimension of power relationships between all actors involved can be observed.

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Published: April 30, 2020