The Institute for Social Research is going through the process of re-accreditation implemented by the Agency for Science and Higher Education. Therefore, the Institute will be visited by the expert panel in the process of re-accreditation on 16th October, 2013. Mandatory part of the protocole of the visit consists of separate meetings with the Institute administration, the representatives of the scientific-research staff and the external stake-holders of the Institute. The final protocole of the visit will be announced by the Institute administration one week before the visit.

We kindly ask senior and junior researchers and other associates to respond to the meeting invitation in as large number as possible, so that the expert panel could hear their oppinions as well.

More on the process of re-accreditation can be found at the web-site of the Agency for Science and Higher Education:

In case you wish to submit to the members of the expert panel your comment, observation, suggestion or you wish to compliment the Institute, please feel free to give your opinion through confidential communication at the link:

till 10th October, 2013.

The Agency for Science and Higher Education guarantees anonimity to all the persons whosubmit their comments. Recieved comments will be given for inspection exclusively to the members of the expert panel.