Marija Maja Jokić

Prof. Marija Maja Jokić, Ph.D.

Senior scientist


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Job title:

senior scientist

Field of interest:

research in science development, scientometrics


Frankopanska 22/I
10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 4922925
fax: +385 1 4810263
skype: maja.jokic33

Qualifications, scientific advancement and education

1995 Ph.D., Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Zagreb
1990 Master’s degree, University of Zagreb
1978 Graduated biology (engineer), Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb
Tenure and promotion
2012 Professor
2007 Senior research scientist in the field of information sciences
2005 Research scientist in the field of information sciences
1999 Research associate in the field of information sciences

Research projects

Principal investigator
2015 – 2019 Research activity, collaboration and orientation in social sciences in Croatia and other post-socialist European countries (RACOSS) – IP-09-2014-9351
2007 – 2013 “The development of the evaluation model of scientific and scholarly work in RH for all fields”- Ministry of Science, Education and Sport Republic of Croatia
2009 – 2010 “Cooperative portal of digitized old Croatian newspapers and journals” –  Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia
2008 – 2009 “Pilot project of digitization of old Croatian humanities journals” – Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia
2002 – 2006 “Textual database of Croatian scholarly journals”- Ministry of Science, Education and Sport Republic of Croatia
Associate on the project
2015 – 2018 Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union (I3U)
2007 – 2013 The social actors of scientific and technological development, Ministry of Science, Education and Sport Republic of Croatia
2005 – 2006 Tempus project – “A Model of the University of Zagreb Library System”

Selected bibliography from the field of bibliometric studies of science

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Book chapters
Jokić, M.; Šuljok, A. (2009): Productivity and its impact in the ISI and Scopus citation databases from 1996 to 2005. In: Prpić, Katarina (ed.) Beyond the myths about the natural and social sciences. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research in Zagreb pp. 143-170.
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