Lana Peternel

Lana Peternel, Ph.D.

Research associate


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Job title:

research associate

Field of interest:

cultural changes and identity, youth, health and migrations, applied anthropology


Frankopanska 22/I
10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 4883552
fax: +385 1 4810263

Qualifications, scientific advancement and education

2009 Ph. D. in Anthropology at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia (Thesis: “Acculturation process and ethnic identity in adolescence”)
2003 M. Sc. in Biological Anthropology at Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia (Thesis: “Anthropological investigation of the dietary habits and the biometrical evaluation of the adolescents dietary status”)
1998 B. A. at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia (Graduated Ethnologist – Russianist)

Research projects

2015 – 2016 New Paradigms in Sustainability Research: Green Economy and the Well-being of Youth. (The project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund), Institute for Social Research Zagreb
2014 – 2017 Modernity Stress, Youth and Migrations, (Croatian Science Foundation 09.01./408), Institute for Social Research Zagreb
2011 – 2013 The Influence of Migration on Regional Development in Croatia (Ministry of science, education and sport  076-0762385-2375), Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
2008 – 2010 Contemporary Transformation of Local Communities and Cultural Diversity (Ministry of science, education and sport 196 1962766-2743), Institute for Anthropological Research
2002 – 2004 Health problems, mental disorders and cross-cultural aspects of developing effective rehabilitation procedures for refugees of the war-affected countries (EC-ICA2-CT-2002-10006), Institute for Anthropological Research

Selected bibliography

Scientific Papers in CC Publications:
Peternel, L., A. Sujoldžić: Adolescent Eating Behavior, Body Image and Psychological Well-Being, Coll. Antropol. 33: 205-212, 2009.
Sujoldžić, A., L. Peternel, T. Kulenović, R. Terzić: Social Determinants of Health – A Comparative Study of Bosnian Adolescents in Different Cultural Contexts, Coll. Antropol. 30: 703-711, 2006.
Škreblin, L., A. Sujoldžić: Acculturation Process and Its Effects on Dietary Habits, Nutritional Intake and Body-Image in Adolescents, Coll. Antropol. 27: 469-477, 2003.
Škreblin, L., L. Šimičić, A. Sujoldžić: Ethnohistorical Processes, Demographic Structure and Linguistic Determinants of the Island of Vis, Coll. Antropol. 26: 333-350, 2002.
Book chapter:
Peternel, L. Talijanska Ciglenica: sjećanja i identiteti njezinih mještana. In: Talijani u Ciglenici. Škiljan F, Peternel L, (eds). M-Print, Zagreb, 2012.