About the Institute

Basic activity

Scientific research in the field of sociology and related disciplines.


April 21st 1964 by the University of Zagreb as the first social scientific research institution in Croatia.


There are 42 employees at the Institute among which 33 are researchers.

Fields of research

Social structure and stratification, youth, space, education, science and technology, culture, religion, gender.


The Library collection includes 35000 items (books and journal volumes) in the filed of general sociology , special sociologies and related disciplines. It is open to the scientific and academic public.


• Journal Sociology and Space (former Rural Sociology)
• Edition Science and Society
• Special editions

Other Activities

The research staff of the Institute participates in undergraduate and post graduate education at the Croatian Universities.
The Institute organizes postgraduate studies in association with Croatian Universities.
One of the activities of the Institute is to host and organize different scientific conferences and professional meetings, roundtables, seminars and workshops.