New Horizons of Vocational Education is a new publication published by the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education. This book is a report on the external evaluation of the experimental implementation of 24 new vocational curricula in the school year 2013-2014.

Matija Batur, Ines Elezović and Josip Šabić co-authored Chapter 4: The results of the survey of students and teachers. In this chapter, the following topics were addressed: 1. teachers’ familiarity with the new vocational curricula and different aspects of their implementation, 2. teachers’ professional development trainings and system support in the implementation of the new vocational curricula, 3. teachers’ and students’ satisfaction with the new vocational curricula, 4. comparison of the new vocational curricula and the previous vocational programs, 5. teachers’ attitudes regarding implementation and administration of the new vocational curricula and 6. characteristics of teaching according to the new vocational curricula. The chapter ends with conclusions and recommendations for educational policy.