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Invitation to the exhibition 'Creative Studying' – Isolation

Published: 21.05.2024.

The Zagreb University of Applied Sciences invites you to the opening of the exhibition „Creative Studying - Isolation“, which will be held

on Thursday, 23 May 2024 at 2.00 PM in the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Savska cesta 18, Zagreb.

The exhibition is conceived as a creative response of IT Design students of the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences to the questions such as what it means to be isolated, and what does isolation symbolise. By visual interpretation and graphic design of posters, the students speak about their experience of isolation.

The exhibition is part of the bilateral project “Isolated People and Communities in Slovenia and Croatia – ISOLATION“. The project Principal Investigators are Lana Peternel, PhD (Croatian team) and Dan Podjed, PhD (Slovenian team). The project is financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The creative director of the exhibition is prof. Jana Žiljak Gršić, PhD, collaborator in the ISOLATION project.

The exhibition is open until 30 June 2024.