A chapter entitled “Mental Models of Sustainability: The Degrowth Doughnut Model“ was published in Encyclopedia of the World’s Biomes, a unique, five volume reference by the prominent Elsevier, Amsterdam, providing a global synthesis of biomes, including the latest science.

The mentioned chapter brings a mental model of sustainability – the degrowth doughnut model – developed to graphically display the aspiration of social foundations of development to be achieved and biospheric boundaries not to be crossed. To visualize the scale and the possible pathways for the transformation of national and global sociometabolic practices in the 21st century, the “degrowth doughnut” includes the boundaries and thresholds in three domains: cultural, socioeconomic, and biophysical. This way it aims to avoid the conceptually paralyzing trade-off between exclusively biophysical boundaries and exclusively social thresholds of the other doughnut models.

The authors of the chapter are: Mladen Domazet, Andro Rilović, Branko Ančić, Brennon Andersen, Logan Richardson, Marija Brajdić Vuković, Lilian Pungas and Tomislav Medak.

More information can be found in the ISRZ Repository and at this link.

Published: July 23, 2020