Original scientific paper titled “Cultural Capital and Educational Inequality in Croatia, Germany and Denmark: A Comparative Analysis of the PISA 2009 Data“ by Saša Puzić, PhD, Margareta Gregurović, PhD (Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies) and Iva Košutić, PhD was published in the Croatian journal of social policy Vol.25 No.2 July 2018.

Starting from Bourdieu’s theory of cultural and social reproduction, the paper seeks to examine the relationship between socioeconomic background, cultural capital and academic achievement in three national educational systems: Croatian, German and Danish. Regression analyses were performed in order to examine the effects of students’ socioeconomic background on their scientific literacy, the mediation of this relationship by cultural capital, and the effects of cultural capital for students of lower or higher socioeconomic status. The results indicate a positive correlation between students’ socioeconomic status and scientific literacy in all three countries, with the correlation strength in German students’ sample being the highest.

The paper is available at the ISRZ Repository: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/814/.