An article by Mirjana Adamović, Ph. D. entitled “New housing estates in the settlement network of Zagreb – cultural participation of residents“ was published in the journal Sociology and Space 55(2).

This paper, using Bourdieu’s theoretical framework, aims to research the cultural participation structure and how it is related to the social characteristics (educational level, occupation, working status, gender etc.) of respondents living in new housing estates in Zagreb and the neighbouring cities (Samobor, Velika Gorica and Zaprešić). The survey was conducted in 2014 on a target sample of 308 respondents. Factor analysis identified four dimensions of cultural participation: “participation in high culture”, “reading and consumption of cultural programs”, “active participation in artistic and applied art activities” and “auditory culture”. This research confirms the importance of socioeconomic status in the consumption of high culture as well as the importance of gender in certain dimensions of cultural participation. Differences in cultural participation of Zagreb residents and residents of the neighboring cities have not been confirmed.

The article is available at the ISRZ Repository: