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SOCIOLOGIJA I PROSTOR (SOCIOLOGY AND SPACE) Quarterly Journal for Spatial and Socio-Cultural Development Studies publishes scientific and expert (professional) papers from sociology and sociology congenial scientific fields and disciplines studying village, town, space and other social themes. The articles are published in Croatian, English and other languages. Volume of the manuscript – including notes, list of references used, tables, graphics and abstract – mustn’t exceed 27 pages, each of them having no more then 1.800 character places. The manuscript must be supplemented with two summaries, each of them up to 250 words, in Croatian and in English. After the text of abstracts give the key word list (no more than eight), key standard terms used in the manuscript to describe your theoretical approach, methodology, empirical results, or the line of reasoning. Exceptionally, special bibliographies can have up to 100 pages, peer-reviews of the books and journals up to nine (9), and surveys of the books, monographs, bibliographies or journals up to three (3) pages.

The articles might be send via e-mail: or


Submission of the manuscript give the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb exclusive right to publish, to copyright, and to allow or deny reproduction of it, in whole or in part.

Sociology and Space

Ankica Marinović

Managing editor:
Lana Peternel

Stjepan Tribuson

Editorial board:
Marko Kovačić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Tana Morić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Iva Odak (Zagreb, Croatia)
Anđelina Svirčić Gotovac (Zagreb, Croatia)
Adrijana Šuljok (Zagreb, Croatia)
Nikola Petrović (Zagreb, Croatia)
Stjepan Tribuson (Zagreb, Croatia)

Journal council:
Ognjen Čaldarović (Zagreb, Croatia)
Sven Hemlin (Göteborg, Sweden)
Marjan Hočevar (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Denis Janz (New Orleans, USA)
Vjeran Katunarić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Boštjan Kerbler (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Andrew Kirby (Arizona, USA)
Gottfried Küenzlen (München, Germany)
Marek Mikuš (Halle, Germany)
Maria de Nazaré Oliveira Roca (Lisabon, Portugal)
Ksenija Petovar (Beograd, Serbia)
Inga Tomić-Koludrović (Zadar, Croatia)


Annual subscription for Croatia is: 180 HRK for individuals, 250 HRK for institutions and firms (the price of one copy is 80 HRK).

Annual subscription in other countries: 25 EUR for individuals, 35 EUR for institutions and firms (the price of one copy is 12 EUR). Air mail postage will be additionally charged.

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