Dr. Ana Maskalan is the author of the article “Sporting the Glass Jaw: Views on Women in Sports“ recently published in Synthesis philosophica.

Sport is still understood as a traditional bastion of masculinity that exalts physical qualities such as strength and speed, and psychological traits such as aggression and perseverance, deeming women’s participation undesirable and unnecessary. Nevertheless, for decades, women were achieving, in strict separation from men or within so-called “women’s sports”, results worth the attention of even the fiercest sceptics. Because of its nature founded in physicality, sport is still relatively seldom the area of political struggle for gender equality, although female athletes have occasionally done more for positive outcomes of that struggle than is acknowledged. In this paper, the author discusses the ambivalent nature of sport, which on the one hand, contributes to the essentialisation of genders in their differences and the petrification of power relations between them, and on the other, contains indications of destruction or at least corruption of the traditional, hierarchically established gender norms.

The article is available at the link: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/883/.

Published: March 23, 2020