In this moment, the Institute’s Centre for Educational Research and Development (ISRZ-CERD) is developing a series of educational video materials for primary and secondary school students with the aim of instigating the learning to learn competence. In order to provide the research and professional public with an insight into scientific knowledge at the basis of defining and developing of this competence, we decided to publish the book entitled “The learning to learn competence: theoretical foundations and research in the Croatian context“ (eds. Vlasta Vizek Vidović and Iris Marušić) digitally. The publication, which is also the most recent title within the ISRZ “Science and Society“ library, brings an array of theoretical and empirical insights by the Institute’s researchers and collaborators regarding the regulation of the learning process and development of this, in today’s world exceptionally significant competence.

The full text of the publication (in Croatian) is available in open access at our web pages: