A paper by Nikola Petrović, PhD „Hrvatska ekonomija između europske periferije i poluperiferije: nalazi iz povijesti hrvatskih visokotehnoloških poduzeća“ [Croatian economy between the European periphery and semi-periphery: findings from the history of Croatian high-tech companies] was published in the Sociological Review 48 (1). In the article the establishment and development of 19 Croatian high-tech companies (among others; PLIVA, Končar, Željezara Sisak, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Podravka) were observed. With the critical use of the modern world system theory and advocating eventful sociology and path-dependent analysis, the article analyses the influences of the First and Second World Wars, the Informbiro Resolution, the disappearance of the Eastern bloc and the break-up of Yugoslavia on the development of the Croatian economy.

The article is available in the ISRZ Repository: http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/812/.