An original scientific paper titled “Horizontal differences in higher education in Croatia: the effects of different types of capital on the choice of faculties of different social status”, by Saša Puzić, PhD, Margareta Gregurović, PhD and Iva Odak, PhD is published in the Croatian Journal of Social Policy 28 (1).

The aim of the paper is to examine horizontal inequalities in higher education in the Croatian context. Starting from the theory of cultural and social reproduction (Bourdieu, 2011), it is hypothesized that, regardless of students’ high school achievement, differences in the likelihood of choosing faculties of different social status in certain fields of study are related to students’ cultural and economic capital. Although the effect of particular forms of economic and cultural capital is to a certain extent partial and inconsistent and cannot be generalised for all the examined groups of faculties, the findings indicate that choices in higher education cannot be separated from the socioeconomic and sociocultural surroundings of students.

The paper is available here.

Published: July 19, 2021