The final online conference of the Erasmus+ project “SIDERAL – Social and International Dimension of Education and Recognition of Acquired Learning“, organized by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, was held on 7 July 2021. Within the conference, Saša Puzić, PhD presented the study “On Underrepresented and Vulnerable Groups of Students – Contributions to the Enhancement of the Social Dimension of Higher Education in Croatia“ developed by the research team of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. The members of the research team and the authors of the publication are Saša Puzić, PhD, Nikola Baketa, PhD, Prof. Branislava Baranović, PhD, Margareta Gregurović, PhD, Teo Matković, PhD, Mirta Mornar, Iva Odak, PhD and Josip Šabić, PhD. The study encompasses analyses related to the social dimension of higher education in Croatia: an overview of recent studies on underrepresented and vulnerable groups of students, the analysis of existing national policies and strategic documents of higher education institutions, and the analysis of student experience in order to identify obstacles arising from their belonging to a vulnerable group of students.

Published: July 14, 2021