Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić, PhD, presented results of the project “Strengths and weaknesses of specific development of tourism on larger Adriatic islands: The example of the City of Hvar on the Island of Hvar“ in the backyard of the Hvar Public Library, on 27th July 2021. The results show that in the City of Hvar there is uncontrolled/free development of tourism, i.e. unplanned tourism. It has caused, among other things, too intensive utilization of the island capacities, by which it inclines towards losing the direction of its development. It can be argued that it is characterised by a combination of different types of tourism, which are mostly developing independently from one another. In the case of Hvar these are the elite, mass, sports, cultural and party tourism, pointing to the absence of a clear strategy of tourist development or a planned vision of the city as a tourist destination.

By way of conclusion, it needs to be pointed out that for the city of Hvar it is crucial to envision a strategy that would include a clear vision of development. It should be focused mostly on sustainable tourism, with the elite and cultural type of tourism being mentioned most often, along with agritourism. It is these types of tourism that are pointed out and regarded as key in the new Developmental Strategy of the City of Hvar, along with sustainability. Since the pandemic showed that a lower number of tourists is in fact more favourable for this destination, it is to be seen whether the new strategy shall implement these insights and how, and what consequences will the new ideas regarding tourist development have both for the city and the island as a whole.

Published: July 28, 2021